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Dec 13, 2015

Not a game, but I made a website which shows color usage in an image :). Check it out at http://colorsucker.azurewebsites.net

Space Circus Shoot-out

Aug 14, 2015

Finally got around to publish "Space Circus Shoot-out", a game me and random Australian (William) made during the 48 hour game jam No More Sweden. It is a strategic two-player game where you drag and drop unit cards from the game board to your side, and then drag them out from your base to send them towards your opponent. It was designed for tablet, and is available for Android devices at Google Play Store (link in "Games" section for the lazy).

The Defenders on Steam!

Mar 28, 2015

The Defenders: The Second Wave (2015) is an enhanced version of the Desura version (2013), which was an PC port of the Xbox360 version (2012), which was an enhanced version of The Defender II (2010), which was the sequel to The Defender (2006)... phew. The new version features better balance, changed last boss fight (it's now plausible to win the game as pure builder), few new attacks for the bosses, and quite a lot of minor tweaking and bugfixes here and there. The game will be released on Steam March 30th!
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