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Fight Four The Galaxy

Aug 17, 2011

So I finally decided to release my candidate work game. I got a good grade for making the game (too bad they didn't grade the game though :P). F4TG is a mix of tower defence and RTS, in other words; Garbage Galactica but with multiplayer. You can play 2-4 players over LAN or Internet. There's no AI or singleplayer, only a sandbox mode where you can test stuff. I never got to making a singleplayer mode in F4TG because another project got all my attention. I've been working this sumer remaking The Defender II for Xbox 360. In a couple of weeks I plan on releasing "The Defenders" as indie game on Xbox 360. Stay tuned, it will be nice =).

What's happening?

Apr 16, 2011

Just would like to add an update as I haven't posted any news recently :P. Since The Defender two I've spent few months on a summer course game that didn't turn out good enough, I learned a lot programming in C# using XNA developing for XBOX though =). Then there's been some months of drought, making 3 one hour games that really aren't fit for release (mostly in the ethical sense :P). BUT since the new year I'm doing candidate work, which is of course making a game. I believe it will be quite good, at minimum releasable. It's a mix between tower wars and mortars, think multiplayer Garbage Galactica but you send attackers and control a defence cannon. More on this later =).
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