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Dec 5, 2006

Added a guestbook to the site, feel free to comment the games and site so I will know what to improve :).


Nov 9, 2006

Made a little game for a little retro competition, Helmy. It's a small platformer, if you think it looks ugly... well, it's supposed to look like that =).

OMG! Original Mini Games!

Nov 1, 2006

Eh? Felt like ages ago since I updated this site... but it was only some months ago. Anyhow, ever since I finished The Defender I have been working on OMG, Original Mini Games, which is FINALLY finished. It's a 1-4 player game where you must get the best score in the fifteen mini games. Try to score highest on online high score or compete with your friends or against an AI offline. My best creation so far in my opinion, download it now :D.

The Defender

Jul 10, 2006

The Defender is finished now :D. It's a cool game where you must fight ghosts to survive. You can build a base, be a mage or a mighty warrior. Download it, you know you want to.

The Defender; WIP

Jul 2, 2006

I'm very close to finishing my latest project "The Defender", my first real one player game, it will be really good. Check by in near future to download it =).
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