Welcome to VD-Productions.com, here you can download fun freeware games. Many of the games can be played hotseat with a friend and all can also be played in singleplayer mode.

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VD stands for Venus Duel, which was my first larger game project (the game can be found here). The idea came from a very simple multi-player game called "Mars Duel", from which I acquired a lot of inspiration. After I made Venus Duel I just couldn't stop making games, so from 2002 and on I've given birth to quite a lot of fun games.

Me (a.k.a. FallenMaster)

My gaming carreer started at gamehippo.com, which sadly enough was sold and destroyed. I used to download all their freeware hotseat games and play with friends. One day I had played them all, so the only option left was to make games of my own. I looked through Dev Tools and found GameMaker, in which I've made almost all my games. My newer projects are done in C# using XNA and Unity.


If you have something to say you can always find a quick response mailing fallenmaster@vd-productions.com
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